Head Heart Hope

Thom Dennis

  Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

"Enter into the peace, and the peace will enter in." 

                     The Grief River Guide

The background image for this website is a photograph I took one summer day in a state park in Maryland, USA. I'm not sure what the local people call it, but I named this spot, "Paradise Falls," because at that moment it felt like the most peaceful place on the planet. Since then I've been intentional about reconnecting with the natural world. It's how I try to live my life, it's one lifestyle change I advocate to my clients. Do you think it's possible that much of what ails us stems from a feeling of being cut-off or estranged from our deeper selves, our history, our people, and our planet? If so, let's connect.



Dr. Thom Dennis, D. Min., LCPC, LMHC, FT

I’ve been a licensed counselor since 2005.

With a background in healthcare and advanced training in pastoral care and counseling, I’m going to respect and honor you as a person no matter what issues or troubles you bring with you into our conversations.

I specialize in supporting people coping with illness and diseasecaregiver overload, death, dying, and bereavement, family crisis, relational conflict, burnout, career change, and life transition. I will also help you with the anxiety, depression, and distorted thoughts and emotions that accompany all of the above. 
My perspective about the therapeutic exchange takes into consideration the whole person, mind, body, and spirit. We will explore the issues that trouble you in the context of relationships, your community, your culture, and the larger world. In addition to helping you develop insight and new coping skills, I’m going to draw from the rich storehouse of the arts & humanities, ritual, and nature for sources of healing as we look for new pathways to a happier, healthier you.

​​​​It’s not just you, we’re all doing our best to deal with the stresses of modern life and it seems many of us are becoming increasingly overwhelmed. I companion adults who feel they are being stretched to the breaking point by one or more of those "bigger issues" in lifethat threaten our wellbeing, if not our very existence:

Identity, Isolation, Death, Meaning, Freedom, and Happiness. 

I am the creator of the Grief River ® model, a metaphorical approach for understanding all our losses across the lifespan. Instead of using confusing clinical language, this nature-inspired framework builds on evidence-based resources from the social sciences but talks about loss in a way that is accessible to everyone.

The links below provide articles and other resources for the bereaved and those who provide care for them, including friends and families, clinicians, clergy & pastoral ministers, funeral service providers, educators,  and other supportive communities.

Access and share some of the free downloadable PDF articles at: http://www.griefriver.com

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